HAAT is our proprietary customer relationship management software developed exclusively for hospitals and healthcare institutions. HAAT is an electronic medical records systems that represent all the various aspects within a medical practice to form a single functioning system that provides immense benefits to patients as well as medical practitioners. Although the software platform is a major and important part of any electronic medical records system, there are other important components too like the coordination procedures between departments for the transfer and reception of information, organisational rules within the office for personnel use and established plans for continuing education and training by medical staff, all of which when put together forms a well-established electronic medical records system. The advantages of implementing HAAT are plenty. Both from the point of view of the patients and medical practitioners.

The patients’ benefits include: improved diagnosis and treatment, significantly fewer errors found within personal health records, faster care and decision making responses from assigned medical professionals.

Advantages of HAAT from the perspective of healthcare practitioners are: ability to swiftly transfer patient data from one department to another, keeping the patients’ medical records in a digital format also help in saving space, the ability to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day for enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity, improved results management and patient care with a reduction in errors within medical practice, reduced operational costs such as transcription services and overtime labour expenses, customizable and scalable electronic medical records that can grow with practice, advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilities, and importantly implementing an improved bottom line of the healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to more accurately and efficiently process patient billing.

Any shortcomings of an electronic medical records does not lie in its concept or actual physical medium of retaining records in a computerized system, but only in the various challenges it pose viz. preparation and training. All these shortcomings or difficulties can be overcome by adequate training that will help the users to get familiarize with the new system.

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